How to Send Text Message Notifications (SMS)

Hubbli's Group feature allows you to send out SMS text messages each time a new post is made. This feature can be toggled on or off for any new post.

Here's how to send SMS notifications to group members:

1. Log in to your Hubbli site, and navigate to the 'Groups' page.

2. Select the desired group you wish to communicate with.

3. Make a post as you normally would, but be sure to check off the 'Send SMS' option!

4. All group members except group admins will receive an email as well as an SMS notification to their mobile phone.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Members who do not have a mobile phone number associated with their Hubbli account will not receive a text message.
  • Mobile phone numbers must be formatted with no symbols or spaces, just a string of numbers, e.g. 1112223333.
  • Mobile phone numbers can be manually added/updated either by the site administrator or by individual users from their profile.
  • Only the group administrator(s) will be able to send SMS text messages. 
  • Text messages are triggered on a post-by-post basis, meaning they do not need to be enabled for every post. (Ex: you can send SMS notifications for ONLY school closures, emergencies, etc.)

Please note: You will need to purchase SMS credit in order to enable this option. Click here to see how to purchase SMS Credits

Need help adding credits? Feel free to schedule a support session or email us at