How to set visibility permissions on profile fields

Hubbli profiles are a great way for your Hubbli site users to be found and share information with other users. That said, every community is different and we have made it really easy for you to set which profile fields are visible to the other users of your site. 

You have three visibility options when creating profile fields. 

To get there, login to your site admin dashboard and navigate to 'Users' and then to 'Profile Fields'.

Then select the field you want to edit permissions for and click 'Edit' 

Here are the options you can pick from:

  • Everyone - totally Public
  • Only Me - the user of the profile
  • Members Only - anyone logged into the site
  • My Friends - friends of that user

This field setting will be applied to all user profiles but you can allow the user to over-ride it if you want to give them the choice of what to, or not to share.