How to Create a Program

Navigate to the Programs section of your Admin Dashboard and click on Add Program.

Here are a couple of considerations before getting started:
If you have the same program at different times of the day, wherein you need to enroll distinct lists of students in each e.g. Preschool AM, Preschool PM, then you need to create a separate program for each time of day. 
And, if you have the same program, at the same time of the day, but happening in multiple rooms, then you need to create a separate program for each location e.g. Preschool AM Room 1, Preschool AM Room 2, etc. 
So, once you settle on the Program name, it's time to create a schedule for the program (technically, you are enrolling students into a "Schedule," rather than a "Program") click the Add Schedule button to start managing student enrollment. 

Set the Capacity of the Schedule. 

Then, set the ' Start date' and 'End date' and 'Daily start time' and 'Daily end time' of the schedule.

Next, add the Teachers of this program (these are the users of the site that have the role 'Teacher' and this is how they are connected to the students for form submission purposes).

Next, you're going to set the days that this program is available and click Add Student.

Select all the days the student will be attending. Once you've added all the students, click Save.