How to Send a Group Specific Newsletter

Hubbli groups posts are great for sending short updates to specific group of parents, staff etc... but they lack the formatting options typically required for easy consumption of longer form content. 

That is where Hubbli Group Newsletters come in as an ideal way for 'Site Admins' or 'Group Admins' to communicate with individual groups. This can be done from right inside the group itself.  

When you are in the group click on the Newsletter menu item on the left side. 

That will take you to the Newsletter designer where you can do the following:

  • Select one of many templates to start from.
  • Edit the Subject line.
  • Edit the 'From' name.
  • Edit the Title of the Newsletter.
  • Save it or schedule it to send at a later date/time.
  • Clone a previous newsletter.
  • Send yourself a preview.