How to Make a Button On a Page or Post

Adding buttons to pages can be really helpful when you want to direct someone to a link but want to make it a very clear call to action. 

When you are adding a link you need to add a 'style class' titled button to the link. This will create a button that has the same branding color you have set in your site  customizer  for links and buttons. 

So here's how you make a button in a Hubbli page or post. 

Now please keep in mind that this is an advanced feature which will require you to be comfortable editing a link on an HTML level so you'll need to use the 'text' mode of the editor as opposed to the 'visual' mode. 

Start editing or creating a new page.

While in the 'Visual' mode of the editor, create a link using the link tool.

Switch to 'Text' mode of the editor.

Copy and paste the following text inside the link tag, otherwise known as the 'a' tag: class="button"

Then switch back to 'Visual' mode and voila, you've got a button!

Pro Tip: try to keep it to one button call to action per page