How To Add a Button On A Slide Image

When using your Hubbli site as your main website, or as an additional marketing site, our built-in image slider is a great way to create a really engaging page. 

One of the features of this slider is a button that can link to any web page you want to direct a user to. This could be used in a myriad of scenarios but one example would be using the page as a landing page that prospective parents land on after they click on a facebook ad. 

The button could take them to an inquiry form that would kick off your enrollment process. 

Here is how you add a button to a slide image. 

Login into your Hubbli Admin Dashboard and click on ' Slides

Then select the slide you want to add a button to or create a new slide and add the button text and link. And of course, make sure you hit 'Update' when you are done. 

And here is an example of what the slide would look like. 

You can also change the color of the button using the site Customizer > 'Colors -> Layout' > 'Icons & Indicators'