How to use form to create parent teacher conference signup sheets

By following these steps, you can easily create parent-teacher conference signup sheets using Hubbli Forms. 

To keep it simple we suggest using one form per classroom, and then duplicating the first one, so that it's easy to create sign-up forms for the remaining classrooms. 

1.  Log in  and go to your Admin dashboard. (  click here to learn how to do that )

2. From the dashboard, Forms > New Form

3. Enter the form title then click Create Form

4. Add the following fields to the form

5. Add radio button to list the timings available on the corresponding dates

6. Click on the radio button (Timings)  then check enable limits to add the number of slots available

7. Add conditional logic to the radio button (timings)

8. Click Update

Next step is to set up the Confirmation email to the parents

1. Hover over settings > click on Notifications

2. Click Add New

3. Create Parent Notification. 

4. Add the content to the message. Please select All Submitted Fields from the list

5. Click Update Notification