How to add fields to a view when you are viewing the entries of a form

One of the many great benefits of the  Hubbli   Form feature is the ability to change the order of the view of the entries on a form in the dashboard. You have the ability to add, subtract or reorder the form fields on a form when you view the form entires. 

For example: you have created a parent information night signup form that contains the following fields; name of attendee, number of parents attending, number of children attending, name of child, age of child, etc.  When you view the entries in the dashboard you only see a few fields; first name, last name, email and phone. You would like to see more of the fields, event name, the number of the parents attending, number of children attending and the children's names and ages.  In the dashboard you can alter the view of the fields to add in the additional fields you would like to see.  Please note: This will NOT change the order of the fields on the actual form.  

Here are the steps to show more (or less) of the fields in your view on the form entry page:

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard

Step 2: Hover over forms > click on forms

Step 3: Scroll down to the form > Hover over the form > click on entries

Step 4: Click the gear icon to select columns to display

Step 5: Drag & drop to order and select which field columns are displayed in the entries table.

Or use the blue and red pointer icon to switch the columns between the Active and Inactive columns.

Step 6: Click Save