How To Create An Individual Student

Student Pages are used to track things such as Attendance, Behavior, and Progress. It's completely private, only the Teacher(s) and Parent(s) of a specific student will be able to access their information. It can also be used as a record of any order forms or invoices. But before any of this can happen, you need to create the Students. Students are not users, so they aren't created the same way a user is. You can create students two ways. The first way is by creating each student individually.

1. Go to the dashboard > Student Page > Add New

2. Where it says "Enter title here", type in the Student's Name and click Publish

3. Connect appropriate parents to the student.

4. Update the Gender and Birth Date

5. Click Add Program.

6. Choose the program from the drop down list and check the days.

7. If you have a picture of the student and want to use that, click on "Set featured image" and the image either from the media library or you can upload it from your computer. Click Update and you're done