How to upload Document/Mp3/Video files through groups

One of the many great benefits of the  Hubbli Group  feature is the ability to share the Document/Mp3/Video through the groups. This is something that only the Hubbli site administrator has the permission to do. 

Please follow the steps to share Document/Mp3/Video files through Hubbli groups:

Step 1: Log in to Hubbli.

Step 2: Go to the dashboard.

Step 3: Hover over Media > Click on Add New

Step 4: Uncheck the Protect Media Uploads checkbox.

Step 5: Click on Select Files

Step 6: Choose the document/mp3/video files from your computer library.

Now you will be seeing the file on the page.

Step 7: Click edit

Step 8: Copy the URL of the file

Step 9: Paste the URL to the group message and click post update.