How To Find A Form That You Need To Fill Out

One of the best features in Hubbli is our Digital forms which remove large amounts of paperwork from the lives of parents, teachers, and administrators. YAY!

There are many ways that your school can share our digital forms with you. They may send you a direct link to it or assign it to a group that you are a member of so you can find when you login and visit the group page. But what if you miss that email, or forget which group the form was supposed to be in? Well, you can always login to your Hubbli site and go strait to the Forms page. Usually, every Hubbli site has a page on the main navigate titled 'Forms'. 

On that page is a list of all of the forms that are currently active on your Hubbli site. This list is filtered for every user so you should only be seeing forms that are applicable to you.