How To See My Form Submissions

If you need to see a list of any form submissions you've made, you're in luck because Hubbli makes it really easy for you. 

  1. Login to your Hubbli site and go to the 'Forms' tab in the main site navigation. 
  2. Hover over any form that for which you have submitted an entry, or if you want to see if you have done so, or not.
  3. Click on 'View Entries'.

That will redirect you to the entries page, and show you a list of entries that you have permission to see. If you are a parent, you will see any entries that you have submitted, or has been submitted by a school staff member about your child. 

From the entry list you have the option to preview the full entry, print it off, and in the case that you were the user that submitted the entry, you will be able to edit and resave it.