How to make a group event

When creating or editing an event you have the ability to assign it to one or more groups.  When you do this two key things occur.

  • The event will appear within the calendar of any groups it is assigned to.
  • If a member goes to the site's main events page ( they will not see these events unless they are members of the groups to which the events are assigned. 

Here is how you make a group event. 

  1. Login to your admin dashboard and go to Events. 
  2. Either create a new event or click on edit of an existing event. 
  3. Click on the 'Make This a Group Event' box on the right side of the screen. 
  4. Select any groups this event should assigned to. 

Alternatively, Group Admins can make group events directly from the group.

1. In the group, click on "Group Events"

2. Click "Add event"

3. Give the form a title

4. Give the event a Start Date/Time and End Date/Time

5. Choose the Group that the event belongs to

6. Click Publish