How to control who is allowed to post or comment in a group

Hubbli groups are a great way to communicate to or with a specific group of people in your school community.  Schools are using them for classes, sport teams, parent committees, staff groups, etc.  

Depending on the purpose or context of the group you may or may not want the members of the group to be able to make group post or comments to a post.  

E.g. if you are a teacher and you are using the group to communicate what is happening in or about the class, you may want to keep this as a one-way communication feed and not allow all the parents to post or comment on posts. 

Alternatively, if this is a staff group it would probably make more sense for everyone to have equal posting and/or commenting capabilities. 

Any group can be configured differently so here are the steps to update a groups post and comment settings.

1. Go into the group and click on 'Manage' - this is only visible to the group Admin.

2. Click on the 'Settings' tab.

3. Scroll to the 'Group Posts' and 'Group Comments' settings. 

4. Once your settings are correct make sure you click on 'Save Changes'