How to Create a Recurring Invoice

Step 1: Go to Dashboard>Invoices>Add Invoice

Step 2: In the text box under "Add New Invoice", type in the name of the invoice.

Step 3: Enter the line item's name, price, quantity OR pick the predefined line item. In this case, that item is Monthly Tuition.

Step 4: In the Information section, click on the Edit link beside "Invoice for Client" and choose the account associated with this invoice and then click OK

Step 5: You can edit the "Issued on" and "Due by" dates by clicking on the Edit links beside them.

Step 6: Select "Recurring Invoice"

Step 7: Enter the Duration

If you are setting up recurring invoice cycle for 10 months, you will count the initial invoice that you’re setting up as month 1, and set your recurring during to 9.

Step 8: Pick the Start Date for the recurring invoices

Eg: If the original invoice is published or scheduled for August 1st then the Recurring start date will be September 1st

Step 9: Select the Frequency of the invoices

Step 10: Hit Save.