How to Make a Group Post

Group Posts in Hubbli allows teachers, parents, and staff to easily communicate with one another. Making a Group Post will trigger an email that gets sent out to all members of the group. For example, if you are the teacher of Class 104 and you make a group post, all of the parents of Class 104 will receive an email with the content of your post. That alone can save you the time and hassle of sifting through a list of parent emails.

In order to make a post, you must be the group administrator. Any user on your site can be promoted to a group administrator regardless of their role (parent, teacher, staff etc.), however this can only be done by the site administrator. Here's how to make a Group Post:

1. Login to your Hubbli site, and navigate to the 'Groups' tab on your menu bar:

2. Select the Group you wish to communicate with:

3. You can begin typing your content in the text box located beneath "What's new in Class 104". When you are ready to send it out, click "Post Update". Note: This post can be accessed either by logging in to Hubbli and checking the group activity, OR by checking one's email inbox.