How to Promote a User to a Group Admin

Here are the steps for promoting a user to a group admin:

1) Navigate to the desired group

2) Click 'Manage' (this option is only available to group admins)

3) Click 'Members' on the grey tab

4) Click 'Promote to Admin' on the desired User

That's all!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The original creator of the group will automatically be assigned as the group administrator. 
  • Feel free to have multiple group admins (Ex: A classroom with two teachers who would like to make posts)
  • Additionally, you can demote a group administrator to a regular member from the same page (Manage>Members)
  • Group email statistics are visible to the Group Admin
  • Any user role can be promoted to a group administrator (parent, staff, teacher, etc.) however this does not affect their capabilities or permissions on your site. What it does, is allow the User to make posts in the assigned group(s), dependent on the group settings.