How To Connect A Teacher To A Student

The main reason to connect a Teacher to a Student is to allow teachers to submit documentation about their students using Hubbli Forms. When this happens, these form submissions automatically show up on the Student's page, and can also be sent to the parents as an automatic notification. 

For a teacher to be able to select a student from the 'Student Field' within a Hubbli form, they first have to be connected to a Program as a teacher in which that student has been enrolled. 

Here are the steps to connect a teacher to a student in Hubbli Programs. 

  1. Either create a program or edit an existing program. 
  2. When you are in the Program Schedule editor, you then simply click in the 'Teacher' field to search for and add a Teacher to the Program Schedule. 
  3. Once that is done, the Teacher can then submit any type of documentation form that is created with the Student Field, or any student that is enrolled in that program. 
  4. Once the teacher is added, hit update to save the change.