How to add and manage student connections in bulk (via import)

When you have to update or add a large number of student pages it can be very time consuming to do it one at a time. ( Click here to learn how to do it one at a time) but lucky for you we've also got a way to organize all of your students into an excel spreadsheet and upload them all at once. 

Step 1. Make sure all of your users are given the right roles (teachers, parents, teachers) by using the 'Bulk Actions' editing options called 'Update Roles on this site'.

Step 2. Make sure all of your users are then given the right connections to student pages by using the 'Bulk Actions' editing options 'Update Connections To Students' 

Step 3. Export the list of users that have student connection abilities. 

Step 4. Add student names for each Parent or Teacher users (if you are adding a student more than once make sure the name is spelled exactly the same or it will create more than one student page. 

  • When adding more than one student connection to a user row place each new additional student in the column to the right of the last student entered for that user row. Save the file after you have updated it correctly. 

Step 5. Go to Student Pages section and click on Import Students. 

Step 6. Click on 'Choose File' to select the updated student connections file you just saved. Click on 'Import'.