How to Create an Invoice

Step 1: Go to Dashboard>Invoices>Add Invoice

Step 2: In the text box under "Add New Invoice", type in the name of the invoice.

Step 3: You can add line items either from the "Saved Items" drop-down, select the correct Predefined Line Item. In this case, that item is Monthly Tuition 

OR you can add a new line item by clicking on Add >> Item.

Repeat steps 3 for any other items that need to be added to this invoice

Step 4: In the Information section, click on the Edit link beside "Invoice for Client" and choose the account associated with this invoice

Then click OK

Step 5: You can edit the "Issued on" and "Due by" dates by clicking on the Edit links beside them.

Step 6: Hit Save

Step 7: After you hit save scroll down to the Send Invoice section. Then check off the recipient and click Send Invoice button.