How to Accept Payments from a Form (Stripe)

Collecting payments from your Hubbli forms is a painless process that can save you hours of time. Digital payments allow you to go paperless, and it gives parents the convenience of paying at home from their computer, or on the go with their mobile devices. If you aren't sure how to create a form, click HERE.

NOTE: In order to begin accepting payments, we require that you send us account information so we can finalize the integration. If you haven't chosen a payment processor yet, we integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and Click HERE to learn more about these options. If you have already signed up with one of these merchants, you can send us your credentials by clicking HERE.

Follow these steps to get set up:

1) The first step is ensuring your form has a  Credit Card field. This will allow parents to fill in their credit card information directly on your form. (Ex: Application form, Enrollment form, Field Trip form etc..) From the form editor, you can drag and drop the credit card field:

2) Additionally, your form will need a  Product field. This field is required to tell the payment processor the total amount to be collected from the form. It also allows parents to clearly see what they are paying for, leaving no surprises on their credit card statement. Note: If you aren't sure how to set this up, send us a support ticket and we'll take care of it for you!

3) Next, we need to verify that our feed is set up correctly. 

  • From the Dashboard>Forms, hover over the form you wish to accept payments from, and under Settings, choose Stripe

4) Now, let's create the feed. Click " Add New".

5) You will see a page titled Feed Settings. 

  • Name: This is the name of your Stripe feed. If you have multiple feeds, the name field is how you can keep track of them. (Ex: Application Fee)
  • Transaction Type: Choose Products and Services OR Subscription 
    • Products and Services can be used to accept one-time payments (Ex: field trips)
    • Subscription can be used to kick off a recurring payment via credit card (Ex: Monthly tuition fees)
  • Payment Amount: From the dropdown menu, select the appropriate pricing field from your form (Ex: Application Fee). This field determines the total amount that will be charged when the form is submitted.
  • Stripe Receipt: If you would like your parents to receive an automated receipt, simply choose an email field (Ex: Parent 1 Email) from your form by clicking on the dropdown list to select the appropriate field. 

6) When you are finished, don't forget to click "Update Settings" to save your work.

Congrats! You're ready to accept payments online through your Hubbli forms! If you find yourself needing assistance, we are here to help. Feel free to email us at or schedule a support session with one of our experts.

NOTE: If you'd like to accept payments from multiple forms, it must be noted that   each form must have it's own feed created to process payments.