How to stop an invoice from recurring and how to revise a recurring invoice

One of the most time-saving features of Hubbli is our recurring invoices. That said, now and then, you may need to stop an invoice from recurring before the original amount of set recurrences. Maybe a student had to leave the school early, or perhaps the parent just wants to make other payment arrangments. 

Whatever the case, here is how you stop an invoice from recurring before the initially set number of recurrences. 
  1. Open up any of the invoices that in the series of the recurring invoice. 
  2. Then find the recurring invoice information panel. 
  3. And uncheck the box that specifies that it's Recurring Invoice Controls. 
  4. Then save the invoice.

After saving the invoice with the box un-checked, you should see a confirmation inside the Recurring Invoice Details that specificy that the invoice will no longer occur.