How to Add Auto Billing to an Invoice

Auto-Billing means a user, in our case this is usually a parent of a student, giving a Recurring Invoice permission to charge their bank or credit card whenever a new invoice is issued.

Setting Up Auto-Billing as a Parent

Step 1: Log in to your Hubbli site.

Step 2: Click My invoice on the main navigation menu.

Step 3: Hover over the invoice that you want to pay > click on Pay

It will take you to the invoice

Step 4: Click on Pay Invoice

This will allow you to make a payment. You can make a payment by using your Credit/Debit Card, Checking Account

If you want to set up Auto-Billing for the future invoices, please make sure you check off the Save Credit Card and the Authorization check box.

The workflow is identical to making a payment on a recurring invoice, but instead of making a one-time payment, it sets up Auto-Billing for the Recurring Invoice series.

This can be done on the original or any invoice it creates. Note: Regular Invoices will specify the amount being charged. Auto-Billing will securely save card details for future payments.