How to make a student page form for parents to create and edit entries

By default, student page forms are only submitted or edited by school staff and teachers but sometimes it is important to have information submitted by parents that is displayed on the student pages, and for parents to be able to update that information when necessary.  

For example, you may want the parents to fill out a medical information form about their child and have that information displayed on the student page, and you probably would want the parents to update that information at least once a year. 

Luckily we have create a very easy way to make student page forms submittable and editable by parents, and here is how you do that:

1. Login to your Admin Dashboard and go to Forms.

2. Create a new form, or select an existing form to edit.

3. Go to the 'Form Settings'

4. In form settings go to the section titled restrictions and add Parents to the role that have permission to edit the form. (you may also want to remove Teachers from this list depending on the form) 

And now parents can go to that form on your site, select the child this form entry is for, and then view this entry on that child's student page as well as edit the information just like teachers and staff.