How to make a Student Page form

This article only applies to Hubbli customers that have the Student Pages featured enabled as part of their subscription level.

Student pages are a an amazing feature that allow the school staff to submit a form and have that entry automatically shared privately with the parents of that student.  

It can also be used by parents to fill out information about their child, see it on the Student Page and update it any time. ( this requires a 'one-click' update to the forms' settings as the default editing permissions is just for teachers and staff

When a student page form is filled out the entry is listed on the student page for the parent to view, and there is also a setting that will allow the entries to be sent automatically to the parent as an email notification.

This is incredibly handy for any documentation you want to share with parents about their child. 

  • Here are some examples:
  • Attendance tracking.
  • Progress reports.
  • Montessori Scope and Sequence.
  • Grades.
  • Behaviour reports.
  • Anything else you can think of :) 

Here are the steps to turn a regular form into a Student Page Form ( it's really easy ).

1. Create or edit a form ( click here to learn how to do that)

2. Select the 'Students' field option ( this only appears if you have this feature enabled as part of your Hubbli subscription)

3. Any Student Page forms have a dynamic new field that allow teachers or staff (and sometimes parents) to select a student from a filtered list that only shows them the students they have been connected to.  

When that form has been submitted the entry will automatically show up on the Student Page for the parent to see, or depending on the notifications settings, it will also be sent to the parent as an email notification. 

You can also see all the entries of all student page forms for all the students by going into the Forms sections of your dashboard.  (  click here to learn how )