How to Create a Group

1. On the navigation bar, click the "Groups" option.

2. Select the "Create a Group" option. Note: only site administrators can see this option.

3. Enter the group name

4. Enter the group description

5. Click the "Create Group and Continue" button

6. Set the Privacy options for the group. Follow the settings in red below to ensure best practice:

7. Set the Email Subscription options for the group (Weekly Summary and Daily digest are currently under construction)

8. Click the "Next Step" button. Please note: if you want to change any setting, you can go back by clicking the "Back to Previous Step" button at any time

9. Choose whether or not to enable Social Docs in this group

10. If enabled, choose who can create Social Docs for this group

11. Click the "Next Step" button

12. This step is optional but recommended, upload a Profile Picture for the group. Click the "Next Step" button once you've uploaded the picture or to skip this step.

13. Choose whether or not to enable Media for this group

14. If enabled, choose who is allowed to post Media (pictures, documents, pdfs) in this group

15. Click the "Next Step" button.

16. Click the "Finish" button