How to Create a Confirmation

Confirmations are what teachers/parents/prospective families see when they have filled out a form, and can be used for a multitude of reasons. The most common one is to indicate that a form has been completed. Another popular reason is to create a chain of forms so that once you complete a form, you are automatically sent to the next form. You can also use this to pass information from form to form, but that is more advanced.

1. Login and go to your Admin dashboard. ( Click here to learn how to do that)

2. Go to Forms

3. Hover over the form you want to add a notification to, over Settings, and choose Confirmations

4. Once you get to the Confirmations, you will see the Default Confirmation. This is the same for every form. In order to change the message, hover over the confirmation and click Edit.

5. From here, you can edit whatever you would like the confirmation message to say. You can add links, media, html, etc.

You can also create a completely custom message using Merge Tags, which pulls information that was entered in the form. 

Here's where you find Merge Tags.

6. Click Save Confirmation