How to Create a Form Notification

Notifications allow parents and/or staff members to be notified via email upon submitting a form. For example, this can be used to send a copy of an Enrollment Form to parents/staff for their records. In order to create a notification to send to parents/staff, make sure that there is an Email field in the form. 

Please note, by default, all form have an active notification to send the full entry to the site admin email, which is the email of the user that created the Hubbli site. This can, of course, be turned off anytime. 

1. Log in and go to your Admin dashboard. ( Click here to learn how to do that)

2. Go to Forms

3. Hover over the form you want to add a notification to, over Settings, and choose Notifications

4. Once you get to the Notifications, click Add New. Note: the Admin Notification is a default notification for every form

5. Give the Notification a Name

6. Click "Select a Field" and choose "Email" from the "Select an email field" drop down

7. Give the Notification a Subject

8. You can create a completely custom message using Merge Tags, which pulls information that was entered in the form. This saves you a lot of time because this notification only has to be set up once, it will be totally specific to that person, and it will automatically be sent out any time a form is completed.

Here's where you find Merge Tags.

Here's an example of what a message using Merge Tags looks like

To send a copy of the complete entry, just select "All Submitted Fields" from the Merge Tags.

9. Click Save Notification