How to Create a Redirect Confirmation pt. I

In this example, we will be creating an "I am enrolling another child" redirect. Click  here for How to Create a Redirect Confirmation pt. II

1. Login and go to your Admin dashboard. ( Click here to learn how to do that)

2. Go to Forms

3. Open the form you want in the form editor and add a radio button called "I am enrolling another child" with Yes and No as the only choices. Make this field required

4. Hover over Form Settings and choose Confirmations

5. Once you get to the Confirmations, you will see the Default Confirmation. This is the same for every form. To add a new confirmation, click Add New

6. First, give the confirmation a name

7. For the "Confirmation Type", choose "Page"

8. Choose the page that form is on in the "Page" drop down

9. Use the Conditional Logic to set the confirmation up so that it will redirect back to this page if "I am enrolling another child" is "Yes". This way, if it's "No", it will display the Default Confirmation.

10. Click Save Confirmation